Decals errata for Hurricane Model Kit #70020 and promotion


We are focused on the historical accuracy of Arma Hobby models. We put a lot of effort into careful design, but sometimes a mistake happens. This occured in the decal sheet for model #70020 Hurricane Model Kit (formerly Junior Set). The RF-E letters are slightly different for each fuselage side. One set has a shape from before the design correction. Unfortunately it wasn’t noticed during printing.

Errata of the decals

We have prepared an errata decal sheet; it also contains the serial numbers P3700 for another RF-E marked 303 Squadron Hurricane as a bonus. This Errata will also be added to every new model kit. You can order it for free by filling out the complaint form here.

Special offer

Sending the errata sheets is associated with an additional cost for us. Of course, we are ready to bear it, so that you receive corrected decals. However, you can support us by placing orders in the store and filling in the order remarks that you are asking for the addition of the errata decals sheet. Right now, we offer you a special promotion during this week: plastic frames for the Hurricane model (without boxes, instructions and decals) at a good price. They were available only briefly during the initial Hurricane model kit release, but we have decided to offer them again for a short time only as a bonus with the errata. Plastic frames are available until 24th February 2019. Also available are deal packages with kit, paints or Techmod decals. Please scroll down the product page to see them all.

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