Attack Squadron

Attack Squadron
Attack Squadron is our series of model kits and accessories devoted to naval aviation. We tend to focus mainly on U.S. Navy / Marines subjects. Model kits are designed with the latest 3D technology and cast in resin. Some parts are also 3D printed! 
We aim for extreme accuracy and a perfect fit of our model parts.

Who needs Attack Squadron?

If you are interested in drones, carrier borne aircraft, marine or helicopter model kits, you will find a number of interesting kits here on our site.

If you are looking for accurate and easy to build models you will be more than happy with  our kits.
Searching for underwing stores and weapons; only here will you find a selection of the highest quality sets currently available to the market.
Three fuel tanks for your A-4 Skyhawk or other scale models of US Navy aircraft 1:48 scale. Check our instruction for fuel tank arrangement ...
1:48  USN 300 gal Douglas Fuel Tanks 3 pcs

1:48 USN 300 gal Douglas Fuel Tanks 3 pcs

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