MWV001 Anti-UV Varnish Premium mat.

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    • MWV001
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    Premium quality, matt acrylic clear coat. An active UV filter protects the model from fading and gives resistance for years. Odorless. Ready for long-time airbrush use, no need to thin.


    A premium quality, an odorless acrylic clear coat for modeling purposes. Contains an excellent UV filter to protect your model from color fading and, most importantly, to give years of resistance. Prepared to work with an airbrush without the need for dilution, even for long sessions without clogging. However, you can dilute “Modellers World Acrylic Doctor” if needed. Modellers World’s Anti-UV products protect your model from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays and external elements on the paint finishes to which they are applied so that models will not darken, yellow, or fade after years of standing on the shelf and will be pleasing to the eye for decades. They are also suitable as a primer for washes, oil paints, and decals. They can be applied over acrylic, enamel, or oil paint.

    When dry, velvety matte is an excellent base for pin wash, pigments, and, most importantly, the final varnish for reduction models of most military equipment, vehicles, figures, aircraft, and dioramas.

    How to use:
    We recommend application by airbrush. The product is ready to use without additional dilution, so just use the pipette to pour it into the airbrush cup. You can suck up the unused paint and pour it back into the bottle with the same pipette. For best results, apply many thin layers, drying the model in between with an airbrush or hairdryer. The recommended pressure depends on the environment. At room temperature, we suggest a nozzle of 0,3 – 1 bar (15 psi) with a delicate trigger operating. Total hardness and resistance of the paint are achieved after about 24h. Until this time, do not perform another work on the model.


    The bottle with a pipette contains not less than 30ml of fluid.

    Additional pipette not included.