May 2020 News


For May we have prepared three News/Special Offers: Books, Plastic parts and FM-2 Wildcat:

  • Books with documentation to Arma Hobby kits are available in the shop. First are three Stratus/MMP publications on Polish Aviation history, including a brand new book on P.11c! See more link.
  • Plastic sprues, so-called "overtrees" are available in Deal Packages with Expert Set models: P.11c, Hurricane Mk I, Hurricane Mk IIc and Yak-1b. You can find them on those Expert kit pages, scroll down below photos to see them (photo above). See all Expert Set link.
  • FM-2 Wildcat is almost ready to release. A few days are needed hopefully to start preorders. Then after about a week to start sending orders. Also, plastic sprues will be available with the first kit – Expert Set. Deal Packages with one or three sprue sets are planned. See all Wildcat kits and accessories link.
  • Delivery in Pandemic – priority mail/airmail service to most countries was restored. Surface mail is available to others. Read more here.