MWC003 Modellers World Ultra Thin

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    Fast drying, ultra penetrating adhesive. Pleasant fragrance, stress-free bonding.

    An ultra-penetrating adhesive with a more subtle trace of bonding (quickly evaporates from a flat surface) and a much less aggressive smell compared to extra thin adhesives. Pleasant fragrance and stress-free gluing - you can glue the parts without unnecessary melting of the plastic around, achieving high "clean" gluing. It is characterized by a fast setting time. The glue quickly soaks into the joined parts, instantly evaporating from unwanted places. Thanks to these properties, we could use a slightly thicker brush, which makes it easier to hit the joining point.

    Directions for use:

    Put the parts together, put the glue into the gap, the glue will soak into it. Hold for a few seconds. Complete hardness after several dozen minutes.