MWE017 Weatkering paint : Burnt metal 30ml

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    • MWE017
    • Manufacturer: Modellers World
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    • Type: weathering paint
    • Medium: acrylic
    • Size/volume: 30 ml
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    This is not a smooth glossy color like the other manufacturer’s products, it is an over burnt metal surface tone, an ultra-matte color specially designed for burned wrecks

    “Weathering Paints” is an innovative product that is a game-changer for realistic effects on reduction models. Like a liquid pigment,
    you can use them in an airbrush and therefore make it easy to dust the model in the intended direction. The paint is ultra matte
    when dry and fully cured. When working with an airbrush, you can gradate the effect, e.g., transparent from the top and thick
    towards the bottom; even a heavily flooded element looks good after drying! The paints are odorless and based on our Acrylic Doctor,
    so they do not tend to clog the airbrush. They do not require dilution. But airbrushing is just one of many options.
    Be sure to combine it with the pigment “Soot black” or “Weathering Paint: Smoke”


    Examples of applications include:

    -> using a paintbrush, the paint accumulates on the surface in hollows and details like natural mud, dust, or rust spots.
    There are many options: tapping, splashing with a brush or painting precise abrasions and streaks.,
    -> sponge technique: random chips are perfect for rust and chipping colors, but they create interesting effects also
    with dust colors as an imitation of splashes and muddy marks.,
    -> the technique of “shooting” air from an airbrush into a brush. Moist your old brush in our paint, and let your
    imagination run wild by splashing it on the model with aero blows. This is an excellent and straightforward technique
    that imitates splashes of mud and dust on the bottom of vehicles!,
    -> in diorama painting, well shaded and color-modulated terrain, like in the case of the plastic model, looks much more
    attractive than the monotone one-color. Use Weathered Paints with an airbrush to colorize terrain made of earth pastes
    or Modellers World sands. You can also add sand directly to the paint to make realistic mud
    This product has almost none, slightly acrylic smell