MWE001 Easy Chipping Medium 30ml

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    • MWE001
    • Manufacturer: Modellers World
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    • Type: chipping
    • Size/volume: 30 ml
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    Easy Chipping Medium - the best way to make realistic chipping for advanced modelers

    Our chipping medium works even with lacquers and, like many of the other products, is fragranced. The bottle is fitted with an atomizer,
    so you can use the product straight from the bottle if you don’t want to get your airbrush dirty. However, we recommend using it for
    more precise application. Work at a pressure of about 1.5 bar. Remember that the product is not suitable for brush painters because
    you will activate it simultaneously with brush strokes.

    Instructions for use:

    Step 1) Paint the model with the color you want for scratches; let it dry completely. We can recommend the “Weathering Paint: Chipping” paint.

    Step 2) Spray the model with “Easy Chipping Medium” using an atomizer misting from about 30-40 cm. If airbrushing, close the distance to about 15 cm.
    The thicker you apply, the more extensive the abrasions will be. Spray reasonably so that the model is not too flooded with the medium.
    Leave to dry for about 30 minutes. Do not use a hairdryer. It is better to apply 1 thick layer than many thin ones,
    Step 3) Paint the model in the target colors using a spray or airbrush. This product will only work with acrylic paints and lacquers and not with enamels.
    You can apply modulation and multiple coats but do not use masking tape. Let dry for at least 30 minutes, not more than a few hours,


    Step 4) Wet the surface with clean water. Scrape the paint off using a rough bristle brush (recommended), toothpicks, or other similar tools.
    Work sensitively. When you are finished, we recommend that you apply a coat of clear varnish before the next weathering steps.
    This product has a non-intense, perfumed smell