MWP009 Pigment - Cement grout

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    • MWP009
    • Manufacturer: Modellers World
    • Availability: Low stock
      Delivery time: 1-3 days
    • Type: Modelling pigment
    • Medium: powder
    • Size/volume: 35 ml
    • szt.
    • Net Price: €3.70 €4.55

    Cement grout, pigment modelarski do wykonywania efektów odbarwienia, przybrudzenia modelu lub dioramy.

    Cement grout, a modeling pigment, powder for the effects of weathering, discoloration, dirt on model or diorama.

    Recommended use:

    • Cement dust from the construction area
    • Creating imitations of cement and concrete slabs, sidewalks, aircraft hangars and warehouses