MWS002 Modelling sand - Superfine 200ml

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    • MWS002
    • Manufacturer: Modellers World
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    • Type: modelling sand
    • Size/volume: 200 ml
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    Modelling sand - it has no stone fraction and is clearly heavier than “Ultrafine”

    Bring the creation of dioramas to the highest level. Matte, made for scale, with a soft beige shade. Various grains from several microns perfectly
    match the pigments, taking over their color and allowing you to create any color palette and modulation directly on the workpiece surface.
    Dioramas have never been more natural, and the effects spectacular. “Modellers World” sands are designed for creative modellers who want to
    achieve realism. The easy-to-use sand is a joy to apply, even for beginners, and the grain size is so fine that it will amaze you.


    • The sands are free from dirt, so mixing with pigments will give a wonderfully saturated color


    Standard sand for 1:35 scale, will of course find use in other scales.

    A 200ml pack will last for a long time