MWT002 Oils Thinner & Cleaner 100ml!

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    • MWT002
    • Manufacturer: Modellers World
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    • Type: Modelling Chemistry
    • Medium: solvent
    • Size/volume: 100 ml
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    You will be surprised with non-smelly, non spilling thinner. Excellent for thinning oils and enamels as well as for washing excess of paint when weathering model or cleaning tools.

    The highest quality thinner and cleaner for oil paints and enamels.

    Dropper in the thread with anti-accidental spill system (demountable).

    Nice smell.


    Recommended use and usage:

    • Thinning oil paints:

    Use the product to dilute any artistic oil paint or similar to the desired consistency. It can be used to clean the model or tools from not dried oil paints or enamel paint.

    • Filter with OIL WASH paints:

    Thin paint to the desired consistency. We recommend 1-2 drops of OIL WASH for 8-9 drops of thinner.

    • Wiping Oil wash from the surface of the model:

    Wipe the excess across the wells with a cotton swab moistened in a thinner Oils Thinner & Cleaner or a paper towel.

     Made in Poland.