MWT007 Modellers World All-Lacquer Thinner 100ml

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  • MWT007
  • Manufacturer: Modellers World
  • Delivery time: 1-3 days
  • Type: Modelling Chemistry
  • Medium: solvent
  • Size/volume: 100 ml
  • szt.
  • €6.25

The highest quality thinner for modeling varnishes, solvent-based acrylic paints (Tamiya, Mr. Hobby type), putties, primers.

Top quality thinner for modeling varnishes and some acrylic paints. The multi-component formula improves paint flow and adhesion to plastic. The product is designed so that it works perfectly with the varnishes of each manufacturer and improves their properties. Self-leveling. The bottle contains a dropper in the thread to prevent accidental spillage and facilitate economical dosing.