MWT010 Airb Care Cleaner 500ml

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    • MWT010
    • Manufacturer: Modellers World
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    • Type: Care cleaner
    • Size/volume: 500ml
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    A product designed for modellers who like to take care of their equipment


    This is a cleaner for those who like to spend a little more work in exchange for complete safety and care properties.
    “Airb-care cleaner” contains nanoparticles that provide shine and protect the washed coating from moisture particles
    settling – thereby extending the lifetime of any galvanic coating. This property also improves paint flow and makes each
    subsequent cleaning easier. Householders will also appreciate the product’s not too intensive smell. However, this product
    is not as strong as its older brother, “Total Cleaner,” and will not be a good choice if you paint with lacquers.


    But we recommend a combination of both products in your workshop; “Total Cleaner” as a pre-wash and “Airb-care” for the final wash.
    On its own, the product will do just fine with water-based acrylics. It is also safe for washing brushes.


    The product does not cause puffing of gaskets and rubber, tools can be soaked in it.
    Use soft brushes and paper towels to clean your tools, we also recommend cosmetic dustless cotton pads.
    This product has a not too strong an alcohol smell

    The thick glass bottle without a pipette contains 500 ml of thinner