MWT011 Model Degreaser BIG 500ml

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    • MWT011
    • Manufacturer: Modellers World
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    • Type: degreaser
    • Size/volume: 500ml
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    A product for degreasing the surface of the model before painting - it can be used on plastic, resin, and photoetched parts

    Everyone knows the rule that the model should be washed before priming. Greasy fingerprints are not the only problem: there may be
    post-production residues of lubricants on the plastic, invisible to the naked eye film. This is the most common reason some modelers
    complain about a strange paint coating. Wash in water with detergent is not always effective and requires a longer time to dry.
    The product removes all greasy stains, fingerprints, and lubricants on plastic. It ensures maximum paint adhesion and increases
    the resistance of primers. The product evaporates quickly, and surfaces can be painted after several minutes.
    Useful information:
    • it can be used on plastic, resin, and photoetched parts,
    • cap with a dropper for economic and safe application
    Use tips:
    Using a soft brush, wash the model with the product.
    You can use an airbrush like a pressure washer.
    From this point on, do not touch the model with your bare hands to not break the effect.
    The product evaporates very quickly, so you can start painting after just a few moments.
    This product has a strong intense odor. Recommended to ventilate the room