MWT012 Acrylic Doctor BIG 500ml

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    • MWT012
    • Manufacturer: Modellers World
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    • Type: thinner
    • Size/volume: 500 ml
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    Universal thinner with a formula that improves flow and prevents the paint from drying on the needle

    A single thinner for most popular brands of waterbased acrylics, especially with difficult acrylic-vinyl paints. The 3-in-1 formula dilutes,
    improves paint flow in the airbrush, and prevents the paint from drying on the needle. A pipette cap allows convenient and precise dosage.
    The product contains low-aromatic alcohols. Completely odorless, it is friendly for painting at home. Safe for airbrush coating and gaskets.
    “Acrylic Doctor” is also great with a brush, but if you want to squeeze the maximum out of brush painting,
    check out our “Leveling Thinner for Brush Painting”.


    Recommended for paints:
    Vallejo Acrylics, Ammo Acrylics, AK Acrylics, Hataka Red Line, Lifecolor Acrylics, Pactra, Model master/Testors Acrylics, Tamiya X/XF


    Usage tips:

    • For most of the above paints, a good starting ratio is 70% paint: 30% thinner using a pressure close to 1.2 bar (17 PSI),
    • These values can be modified depending on your needs and skills

    This product has no smell


    The thick glass bottle without a pipette contains 500 ml of thinner