MWW013 Wash - Warm skin shade 30ml

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    • MWW013
    • Manufacturer: Modellers World
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    • Type: oil wash
    • Size/volume: 30 ml
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    • Net Price: €3.70 €4.55

    Product designed for figure modellers, this delicate oil paint can be used for color modulation of shaded areas of warm, tanned skin, also afro-american skin and marking folds and scars.

    What should an ideal Wash be like? This thought accompanied us while designing this product. It should penetrate every detail in a blink of an eye
    and be easy to control. Gentle, so that the effect can be varied. Fragrant to make the work with it more pleasant. And to allow you to wipe off
    without a trace for a long time.

    If you ever made your own washes based on the white spirit or similar, our product is way beyond that. The original formula of the thinner
    makes this product incredibly pleasant to work with. There is no problem with uncontrolled messing up your model, unlike enamel competitors.
    Our product is a stress-free Wash, and the effects are always intentional and not accidental.

    The bottle contains a dropper designed to do a couple of things:

    • firstly, if you drop open Wash, the content will not spill out.
    • secondly, every drop is the same, so you can make precisely the same mixtures from different Oil Wash colors if you want to make such.

    We recommend buying “Oils thinner & Cleaner” for blending transitions. This product is great for washing dark, brown leather.

    Directions for use:
    There is a stainless steel ball in the bottle, so shake before using until all the pigment from the bottom has dissolved.
    Modellers World Oil Wash is perfectly diluted, and you do not need to dilute it additionally.
    If necessary, the product can be applied in layers several minutes apart.

    We do not recommend white spirit, only Modellers World Oils Thinner & Cleaner for wiping, washing, and modulating the effect

    Our washes are usable for many years and do not dry or thicken over time. However, the product is sensitive to changes in temperature:
    a little clumping of the pigment may occur during transport or prolonged storage. This is an entirely natural process and does not affect
    the suitability for use. The only thing you need to do is spread the pigment with a brush.
    This product has a quite intense odor, masked by fragrance composition. Recommended to ventilate the room.