Hataka Hobby February 2017 News

Hataka Hobby did it again! Six new model color seta are available now. Half of them from Orange Line. Next two from Blue Line for brush painting airplane... więcej

New Accessories for F-16 & F/A-18 from Attack Squadron

Attack Squadron released new resin accessories for modern jet fighters. Sniper targeting pod for F-16 and more stuff for F/A-18. więcej

New Decals from Model Maker

Latest news from Model Maker area a bunch of Soviet and Russian manufactured aircraft decals. You can find there Polish color schemes as well as some exotics and... więcej

Orange Line - the highest quality of Hataka Hobby

Hataka Hobby on the new year introduces another series of modeling paint. Lacquer series Orange Line is a high-end product, compared with the best counterparts from... więcej
Armahobby internet shop offers scale model kits. They are made of resin and metal and contains small parts. Model kits are manufactured for advanced modelers, adult collectors over 14 years old. Scale models offered in our shop are unsuitable for children because of small parts.

Models are to be assembled and painted by modeler. Pictures on website presents artistic vision of assembled model prepared by manufacturer. Effects of assembly depends on modeler abilities and can not be guaranteed by manufacturer.

logo Attack Squadron

U.S. Navy & Marines Aircraft Scale Models

We offer Attack Squadron models that represent primarily aircraft the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marines, as well as aerial drones and accessories such as weapons and other underwing stores.

logo Arma Hobby

Polish Aircraft Scale Models

Arma Hobby is a brand created specifically to produce the best Polish aircraft models. You will find here the classic construction such as Puławski PZL fighters and TS-11 Iskra.

logo Adalbertus


Polish Army Adalbertus is our figures brand in the history of the Polish Army. Polish Army from knights and winged hussars to the twentieth century.

Decals for scale models

In Arma Hobby scale models shop you can find decals for TS-11 Iskra,MiG-29, F-16 and other model kits made by Polish companies AAD & Model Maker

Model paints

You can not finich model kit without accurate model paint shades. Our shop provides full range of top quality Polish acrylic paints from Hataka Hobby


Perfect for repair or crash site diorama, especially for ultra realistic semi transparent wings when covered with decal ...
72-3D02 Fokker E.III wings and tailplane

72-3D02 Fokker E.III wings and tailplane...

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