Shipment info

Products purchased from the Arma Hobby shop are sent via Polish Mail as priority mail. The period of delivery is usually 2-5 days within Poland, 7-14 days in Europe, and up to 14-30 days elsewhere. Should the shipment not reach you within two weeks (Europe) or 30 days (elsewhere), please contact us. Cost of shipment is based on the Polish Mail price list. Items weighing up to 2 kg are sent as ‘pakiet’ (small packet), items heavier than 2 kg or irregular shaped are sent as ‘paczka’ (package). Our shop system calculates the shipment cost automatically, based on the weight of individual products.


The table below quotes shipment cost depending on the recipient location and weight of the items:


Destination: Europe, including Russia,Israel and Cyprus  Africa and North America  Asia and South America  Australia, Oceania and   other destination
 up to 500g  27PLN (~6.75EUR)  31PLN (~7.75EUR)  38PLN (~9.50EUR)  52PLN (~13EUR)
 up to 1000g  44PLN (~11.00EUR)  54PLN (~13.50EUR)  64PLN (~16EUR)  96PLN (~24EUR)
 up to 2000g  80PLN (~20EUR) 102PLN (~25.50EUR)  120PLN (~30EUR)  180PLN (~45.00EUR)
 over 2000g  140PLN (~35EUR)  210PLN (~52,5EUR)  252PLN (~63.00EUR)  330PLN (~82.50EUR)
free shipment for order amount  800 PLN (~200 EUR)  1000 PLN (~250EUR)  1000 PLN (~250EUR)  1200 PLN (~300EUR)