31-300 Buddy Tank late ('80-'90) - 1pcs

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  • ASQ72028
  • Manufacturer: Attack Squadron
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31-300 Buddy Tank - a variant of the 80s and 90s in the 1/72 scale. Resin model kit - accessories for model aircraft of the U.S. Navy.
72028 - 31-300 Buddy Tank in a variant of the 80s and 90s later version of the tank to refuel in the air is already known from the period of the Vietnam War. Late version, which is characterized by the lack of bulges and a double sheath of light in the rear section. Used in combat during the First Gulf War.

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Air Refueling aircraft on-board

Aerial refueling solves the important problem of carrier borne jet aircraft. They have to start from the aircraft and take a long flight to the target, consuming huge amounts of fuel. Thanks to Buddy Tank aircraft can start with a large load of bombs and then refuel in flight from aircraft carrying Buddy-Tank during a combat mission. Model parts are made of resin.

oMdel kit for adult collectors over 14 years old. It does not contain paints and glue.