Scale 1:72

Scale  1:72
Aircraft models in 1/72 scale are the most popular model kits in Europe. They are almost synonymous with plastic model. Their size allows straight formward assembly and quick creation of the collection. Most importantly - is it relatively easy to store so no great size.

Plastic model airplanes 1/72

We offer assembly model kits 1/72nd scale you will find the Navy drones and other marine aircraft and Polish aviation classics. The models are made of resin and recommended for advanced modelers. Their advantage is ease of assembly compared to other resin models and excellent detail.
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Double plastic model kit of PZL P.7a with plenty of accessories 1/72 scale
70005 PZL P.7a - Deluxe Set 1/72!

70005 PZL P.7a - Deluxe Set 1/72!

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