Alchemistry in modelling


Modellers World is a Polish manufacturer of top quality weathering products. Latest news and restock of their modeling „alchemistry” have just arrived to our shop.

First is MWC002 Pigment Cement 50ml!, universal fixer for pigments, plaster and sand on models and dioramas. It is very useful in making mud from dark coloured pigments.

Next one is MWT002 Oils Thinner & Cleaner 100ml! Friendly odourless thinner for oils and enamels. Perfect for making your own washes and filters.

The most interesting is MWT003 Leveling thinner for brush painting 100ml!, an acrylic thinner that smoothens your brush strokes on modelsurface wnhen mixed with any acrylic paint. Diluted paint became slightly translucent. It would be very useful when shading figures and applying glazes.

Last but not least is spa for your brushes: MWT006 Brush care shampoo 100ml! A kind of soap or rather a shampoo for paintbrush bristles.

All new and old products from Modellers World are available in catewgories: