Privacy policy

See: Your Personal Data are Secure in Arma Hobby, a brief guide about personal data processing in Arma Hobby. For more technical and lawyer details plase read below:



§ 1 General Provisions

  1. The Privacy Policy sets forth the rules of personal data protection and processing regarding the Arma Hobby on – line Shop, available under the domain, users, Clients and potential Clients. The Privacy Policy also establishes the Cookie files usage regulations.
  2. The hereby given document is of an informative purpose and character.
  3. The data administator of the on – line Shop’s users personal data, in compliance with the Polish Data Protection Bill (issued on the 10 th of May 2018) and the General Data Protection Resolution (GDPR) – number 2016/679, issued on the 27 th of April 2018 r., are the civil company partners: Mr Wojciech Bułhak, operating as a business entity under the name Arma Hobby Wojciech Bułhak civil company partner, based in Warsaw, 02-764, Iberyjska street 7/49, registered at the Central Registry and Information on Business office, TaxPayer ID no: 9521727873, National Business Registry no: 140112680 and Mr Marcin Ciepierski, operating as a business entity under the name Arma Hobby Marcin Ciepierski civil company partner, ul. Ogrodowa 32A/21, 00-896 Warszawa, TaxPayer ID no: 1132497854, National Business Registry no: 142706738, Jointly operating under a civil company agreement as Arma Hobby s.c., based in Warsaw, 04-041, Ostrobramska 101/308, TaxPayer ID no: 1132870299, National Business Registry ID no: 146945084, contact telephone no: 22 409 1971, e – mail address: , further reffered to as The Administrator and being at the same time the Service Provider and The Seller.
  4. The Users’ personal data is being processed in accordance with Polish applicable laws, especially the Electronically Supplied Services Bill,
  5. The personal data Administrator makes every useful and necessary effort to protect the interests of the people whose personal data he collects and to ensure a proper data protection in accordance with the aforementioned Personal Data Protection and Electronically Supplied Services Bills. The data is collected in an orderly manner in defined and legally available purposes, the Administrator makes sure not to further process the collected data in any illegal or infringing towards the established data protection laws way. The Administrator hereby states that the collected data is stored in manner enabling to identify the person it regards, not longer than it needs to fulfill the data collection purpose.
  6. The Privacy Policy aims to set forth and establish the data protection rules and actions by the personal data Administrator, regarding data stored and collected by his on – line Shop and the Shop’s associated services and tools used by the on – line Shop Clients to set up and account, placing an order and other actions that take place while navigating the on – line Shop’s infrastructure.
  7. A Client using the Shop’s services and tools made available by the on – line Shop confirms to accept the Arma Hobby s.c. on – line Shop terms and regulations and Privacy Policy (clicking the right check boxes following the site’s feed and instructions) and – if the purpose occurs, accepts his personal data being processed by the administrator within using the on – line shop’s infrastructure.
  8. All the collected data is protected using reasonable technical means and measures as well as data protection programs and policies to ensure the data will not get breached, infringed or leaked. Every reasonable measure is taken to protect the collected data from an unauthorized access or illegal breach.
  9. The on – line Shop’s Administrator, within the rights and rules established in the terms and regulations and this Privacy Policy, is has the sole access to data stored and collected by the on – line Shop. Access to the Clients personal data may be given to other entities, such as the on – line payment operators – which collect, store and process the personal data within their own set of terms and regulations. This access is only given to the outside entities to a necessary extent and only to provide the Client with the proper set of services to process his order. Outside third parties process users personal data only based on a signed agreement entrusting data processing by such party.
  10. Every time a word or expression is mentioned in Capital Letters in this hereby given Privacy Policy, it’s meaning can be derived directly from the terms and regulations of the Arma Hobby on – line Shop.

§ 2 Personal data collecting, storing, scope and purpose

  1. The Administrator acquires user information for example via storing server logs through the hosting operator.
  2. Data obtained via server logs is not associated with any specific person using the on – line shop’s website and is not used to identify such people.
  3. Server logs are only complimentary and subsidiary material used to administrate the website and it’s content is not disclosed to anyone but authorized staff.
  4. The Administrator informs that regarding the option to register and set up and account on the on – line Shop’s site The Client may be asked to deliver the following data: name, surname, company’s name, housing address, company’s address (company’s seat), telephone number, e – mail address, login and a password. The data marked throughout the registration form with an asterisk are compulsory to submit in order to establish an account, the rest is voluntary.
  5. The Administrator may store within his on – line Shop data containing information helpful in establishing contact with The Client, in order to send them notifications or payment related feedback. Processing data with this intention is in accordance with the article 6 section 1 letter A of GDPR and article 6 section 1 letter f of GDPR.
  6. Data collected using the newsletter service is being used only to distribute The Newsletter upon prior consent (article 6 section 1 letter a of GDPR).
  7. The Administrator processes The Clients personal data necessary do properly implement the provided services and is authorized to use the collected and stored within his on – line Shop data to:
    1. Place and order
    2. Enter into and execution of a sales agreement or enter into and execute an electronic service supply agreement
    3. Direct marketing of the Shop’s products or services
    4. Providing a full customer service, including establishing and managing user account, solving technical issues and sharing features
    5. Adjusting the user’s offers and experiences, including advertisements in the Shop’s features
    6. To monitor all and each User’s activities within the on – line Shop
    7. Contacting the Users particularly in terms of service providing purposes, customer service and permitted marketing and advertising actions
    8. Perform exams and evaluations as well as analysis towards the available services improvement
    9. Execute the proper implementation and following of the Terms and Regulations
    10. Sending out Newsletter service
  8. The Administrator is authorized to store the collected and followed in the on – line Shop data only within the abovementioned scope.
  9. The Administrator has the exclusive right to filter and block messages sent through an internal messaging system, particularly if the messages are spam, contain illegal content or otherwise endanger the on – line Shop’s User safety.
  10. The Administrator is authorized to automatically harvesting and register the data entering the Shop’s server through the internet browsers and Client’s devices (i.e. IP address, the software parameters, websites visited, the mobile device ID number and other data relevant to computer and mobile devices as well as using the system). The gathering of such data would occur while using the on – line Shop’s website.
  11. The Administrator collects, processes and stores the following Client’s data:
    1. e–mail address
    2. name and surname
    3. company’s name (in case of Entrepreneurs) and taxpayer ID number (NIP)
    4. shipment address
    5. home address or company’s seat (if different than shipment address)
    6. phone number
    7. sex (sex concerning data is processed in relation to posting information on social media which plugs are installed on the shop’s website).
  12. The Seller states that entering the data in the abovementioned scope by The Client is voluntary. Submitting the aforementioned data may as well be vital to enter into and execute the Sales Agreement or the Electronic Services Supply Agreement in the on – line Shop. The scope of all the instrumental to enter into contract data is given on the on – line Shop’s  website, as well as it’s Terms and Regulations.
  13. The exemplary recipients of the on – line Shop’s Clients data:
    1. In case of a Client who uses the post office delivery or courier delivery, The Administrator entrusts The Client’s collected personal data to the designated operator executing the delivery
    2. In case of a Client who uses on – line payment systems or credit/debit card on – line payments, The Administrator entrusts The Client’s collected personal data to a chosen operator processing the on – line Shop’s on – line payments.
  14. The Administrator may share the anonymous collected data with other entities, including the on – line Shop’s partners in order to exam the advertisements effectiveness or other Client services provided by the on – line Shop or it’s partners, or to enter a science trial/ opinion polls.
  15. The Administrator informs The Users that he entrusts the personal data processing with the following entities:
    1. S.A. ul. Zbożowa 4, 70-653 Szczecin, NIP: 8522103252, KRS: 0000431335, REGON: 811158242 – to store personal data on the server, on which the on – line shop is installed
    2. First Data Polska Joint – Stock Company, Jerozolimskie Alley 92, 00-807 Warsaw, TaxPayer ID: 5260210429, National Court Register No: 0000061293 – to enable making on – line payments for the ordered products,
    3. Piotr Majewski operating as a business entity under the name Piotr Majewski Consulting, Łańcucka Street 12a/8, 80-809 Gdańsk, TaxPayer ID: 5851392623 – to use the mailing system required to send the on – line shop’s Newsletter,
    4. Edrone Limited Liablitiy Company, Szlak Street 77/220, 31-153 Kraków, TaxPayer ID: 67662482064, National Court Register No: 0000537197 – in marketing purposes and only to launch e – mail and social media campaigns, designated by The Administrator using the edrone system,
    5. PayPal Polska sp. z o.o. z siedzibą w Warszawie (ul. Emilii Plater 53, Warszawa 00-113), NIP: 5252406419, KRS: 0000289372, REGON: 141108225 - to enable making on – line payments for the ordered products;
    6. Dotpay Sp. z o.o., ul. Wielicka 28b, 30-552 Kraków, (court registration number) KRS 0000700791, (tax payer id number) NIP: 634-26-61-860, (business ID/state statistical number) -  REGON 240770255 - to enable making online payments for the ordered products;
    7. Blue Media S.A., ul. Powstańców Warszawy 6, 81-718 Sopot, KRS pod nr 0000320590,  NIP 585-13-51-185, REGON 191781561 - to enable making on – line payments for the ordered products
    8. BAMARIX Sp. z o. o. ul. Puławska 138A/13, 02-624 Warszawa, KRS 0000687415, REGON 367845434, NIP PL5213788658 – for proper accountant transparency
    9. Sewer Skrzypiński prowadzący działalność gospodarczą pod nazwą Sever - Sewer Skrzypiński, ul. Bonczyka 4/3, 51-138 Wrocław, NIP: 8951916211, REGON: 022074760 – to integrate the shipment process between The Seller and Poczta Polska (the courier).
  16. The Administrator informs that he uses the following tracking The User’s on–line shop activities technologies:
    • Google Analytics tracking code – to analyse the site’s statistics and for AdWords ads purposes
    • Edrone tracking code – to analyse the site’s statistics and to launch e – mail and social media campaigns, designated by The Administrator using the edrone system
    • Facebook Pixel – to follow actions related to the shop’s ads on the Facebook platform, the information collected via pixel is anonymous and prohibit the Administrator to identify a specific person. To learn more about this please visit: Additionally, the subscriber’s e – mail may be disclosed to Facebook, to target and custom certain marketing techniques and enable to better customer - focused on – line ads.
  17. The website uses social media plugins such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinetrest. Entering such page the user’s browser establishes a direct connection with those services servers administrators. The plugin content is transmitted directly to the user’s browser and integrated with the site. If the user is logged in to one of those social media services the service  provider will be able to adjust such visit on a given site to the user’s profile on this social media service. The purpose and scope of data processing and further processing and use by the service providers as well as contact information and the user’s rights as well as the ability to change such settings is set forth and established In those services privacy policies respectively.
  18. The Administrator enables to use web push notifications through the endrone system. Those notifications contain only information about the user based on his browser history. Web push notifications use cookie files. To disconnect the web push notifications one must click on the ‘bell’ icon in the bottom left corner of the Shop’s website and confirm using the ‘unsubscribe’ button or through cookies policy by changing cookie/browser settings.

§ 3 Cookie files policy and operational data

  1. The Administrator automatically collects the Cookie files information in order to store data surrounding the use of his on – line Shop by its Clients. Cookie files comprise of a short text fragment which is sent by the on – line service to the User’s browser and which is being send back in future entrances of the given website. They are mostly used to maintain the session i.e. through generating and sending back a temporary login ID.
  2. The Administrator uses the “session” Cookie files stored on the Client’s DTE until his logging out, the website’s shut down, or the browser’s shut down, as well as “permanent” Cookie files, stored on the Client’s DTE for a definite time period, established in the Cookie files parameters or as long as the Client does not erases them.
  3. The on – line Shop Administrator uses the following Cookie files types:
    1. “vital” Cookie files, enabling to use the services available in the on – line Shop
    2. Cookie files serving as protection
    3. “efficiency” Cookie files, used to gain information on ways of using the on–line Shop’s website by the users
    4. “advertising” Cookie files, enabling to provide the Users with advertising content more appropriate towards their interests
    5. “function” Cookie files, enabling “to memorize” the User’s chosen settings and adjusting the on – line Shop’s website towards the Users needs and wishes.
  4. The Administrator uses the exterior Cookie files for the following purposes:
    1. To collect general and anonymous statistic data using the analytics tools: Google Analytics (the cookies administrator is Google Inc. based in USA)
    2. To use the interactive features to popularize the on – line shop on social media platforms such as Facebook (the cookies administrator is Facebook Inc. based in USA or Facebook Ireland based in Ireland)
    3. To operate web push and pop – ups using the endrone systems in regards of using The Newsletter service (the cookies administrator is Endrone Ltd., ul. Szlak 77/220, 31-153 Kraków, NIP: 6762482064, KRS: 0000537197.
  5. Google LLC and Facebook Inc. are entities established and operating from outside the EU – USA and both of them joined Privacy Shield, to ensure proper data protection measures matching those established by GDPR. The European Comission has since confirmed that the data protection level established in Privacy Shield matches those provided by EU laws.
  6. The Cookie files adjust and optimize the on – line Shop and it’s offer towards the Customer’s wishes and needs through actions such as creating statistics of the websites unique hits and providing protection to the site’s Users. Cookie files are also necessary to maintain the User’s session after he leaves the on – line Shop.
  7. The Client may at all times alter his Cookie files settings, he may also block the possibility to store and collect the Cookie files. 8. Blocking the Cookie files storage ability or entering other changes in the Cookie files settings on the Clients DTE may harm or worsen and sometimes even prevent to use the on – line Shop’s services, including placing an order.
  8. The Client who does not want the Cookie files to be used in all the above mentioned purposes may erase them manually at all times. To get to know the proper and whole instruction The Client is advised to enter the browser’s producer’s website, which the Client currently uses. More information regarding the Cookie files can be found in the help menu of every internet browser. For example, Cookie files operating browsers include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera.
  9. The Administrator may enable storing and collecting information using the abovementioned technology to outside entities, such as advertisement providers, or analytics providers directly on his on – line Shop’s website. The Cookie files stored that way are subject to those entities established privacy policies.
  10. Some outside entities operating within the on – line Shop enable Users to revoke their consent to store and collect data regarding advertising purposes based on the Client’s activity. More information regarding this topic, as well as the choosing rights, can be obtained from the website.
  11. For direct marketing purposes the website Administrator can use profiling, but decisions made based on such profiling don’t concern concluding an agreement or denial of such action, nor the sole ability to use on – line services. As a result of profiling the user may get a discount, may be notified about remaining items in his cart, may get propositions regarding purchasing new products customized to his preferences. Ultimately though, it is an independent decision made by the user if he wants to use and benefit from proposed discounts or notifications. Profiling means an automatic analysis or prognosis regarding one’s behavior shown on the shop’s website based on, for example, types of products previously browsed or bought. The user must consent to let the administrator use profiling in his case (say yes to the discount etc.). Every user has a right to protest the automatic decision making and profiling regarding his own website history and let the administrator know that one no longer wishes to be profiled, if such profiling or automatic decision making devices directly affects or concerns that person, or has other significant impact regarding that person.

§ 4 The Administrator’s and User’s rights and obligations

  1. The Administrator has the right as well as a statutory obligation to transfer selected or all information regarding the on – line Shop’s Clients to the public domain authorities or third parties, who submit such demand to provide information in accordance with the applicable Polish legal system laws.
  2. The Administrator does not entrust data processing nor shares The Clients collected personal data to outside unrelated parties without their permission, unless:
    1. The Administrator uses the outside parties help to provide his services, as long as those outside parties are not authorized to independently use the personal data processed in the name of the on – line Shop and all of their actions are in accordance with the hereby given Privacy Policy and Terms and Regulations
    2. The Administrator maintains the right to share the data with public authorities while they conduct an ongoing investigation or procedure regarding a possible breach of law or fighting the possible breaches of the on – line Shop’s Terms and Regulations
  3. The Client has the right to access his personal data collected and stored by The Administrator at any time. This right comprises of the possibility to verify, modify, complete, erase and cease to process the Client’s personal data. The right exist without disclosing due cause.
  4. The Client gives The Administrator his consent towards processing his personal data in order to execute the services provided via The on – line shop, by clicking check boxes available on the shop’s site as an interactive form, such as the register form, the order form, the newsletter form.
  5. By accepting the voluntary statements (additional check boxes) may give his permission to process his personal data in additional causes.
  6. Clients who registered in the on – line Shop have the right to enter, edit and erase their submitted personal data. The Client declares that the personal data submitted by him is proper, authentic and true.
  7. The Client’s voluntary consents to receive commercial information may be withdrawn at any time via a written statement send by e – mail. The Administrator erases The Client’s data within 48 hours from receiving his motion to withdraw from his contact base used to share information via e – mail.
  8. In the purpose of executing his rights The Client may send a proper statement to The Administrator’s contact address or via e – mail.
  9. Erasing personal data or ceasing to process it by The Administrator may cause the services to no longer be able to provide, or may result in a grave restriction of the services provided by the on – line Shop.
  10. Personal data collect with purposes set forth and established by this Privacy Policy will be stored on the administrator’s server for the time period necessary to complete the order and execute the on – line sales agreement, as well as regarding expiration (lapse) periods set forth in applicable Polish laws (Civil Code) and also for the time period adjusted to consumer rights, tax laws or others.

§ 5 Privacy Policy changes

  1. The on – line Shop’s offer may expand in the future. This means The Administrator will be obliged or authorized to enter those changes into the Privacy Policy.
  2. New Privacy Policy versions will occur on the on – line Shop’s website with a proper notification attached.
  3. 3. Every change to The Privacy Policy will be binding from the day it’s being published on the website with proper notification. All changes will be properly announced and marked/featured with a one month notice from the changes implementation within The Privacy Policy.

In case of further questions surrounding The hereby given Privacy Policy of the Arma Hobby s.c. on – line Shop, please contact The Administrator using his e – mail or contact address.

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