You find there answers to frequently asked questions about order status, handling resin kits and solving problems. Also you can fill claims in the form at the end of this webpage.
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Order status

Placed order has a status „pending”. When payment is received order processing starts. Orders are processed in working days 10AM-5PM CET. Status changes to „in progress”, and it takes usually 1-3 days to prepare order to dispatch.
When parcel was sent order status changes to „dispatched”. You will receive dispatch confirmation email then. Usually inclded is a special discount code, eg. 5% for 30 days, depending on current promotion.
If you have any questions please contact us by email or phone you find in kontakt tab.

Solving model issues

We put a great attention to produce flawless and easy to built models. Despite this it sometimes happens that model parts are not filling expectations. Oursupport/FAQ section provides answers to most common questions and offers solutions to possible problems.

Parts do not fit
Check for possible distortions or twist. Carefully warm parts with hairdryer and straight with your fingers. Let it cool and then put aside.

Broken parts
If they are hard to glue, contact us via form below.

Parts have mold seam
It is unfortunately hard to avoid in resin production. Usually a little sanding and/or puttying will solve a problem.

Small air bubbles in resin parts
A small number of almost invisible tiny air bubbles may appear in resin parts. They are easy to solve with stretched sprue glued into them with superglue. Cut out rest of stretched sprue and polish with sandpaper.

Missing parts in box
Fill the form below please.

What glue is best for resin kits and photoetch?
It depends on size and your choice. Small parts would be superglued. Bigger parts glued with epoxy, with reinforcement pins from wire. Photoetched part may be glued with superglue or soldered. Small parts may be glued with just drop of model paint.

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Asking questions, filling claims

When model was received incomplete or damaged, please fill the form below please. We will contact you within a few days to help you.

If you have any other problem with Arma Hobby product, you have lost a kit part or you just have broken it - do not worry. We will send replacement parts free (and with free shipment first time). Fill form below please! Next time replacement parts will be sent with only shipping charge paid, order them here link.

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