Model kits from resin


Ready to assembly parts of a resin kit

Resin model kits are a subdivision of static models. They are produced in relatively small quantity compared to plastic kits. They usually have better details, but are harder to build. Reason are bigger casting blocks not that easy to cut and fragile material. Most of kits made from resin are accessories or conversions for plastic kits. There is a number of full kits, aircraft, armour and ships made from that material. Different group are resin figurines.

Assembling resin kits

You will need a modelling saw, knife, superglue and epoxy glue, some pins or wire, small drill, sandpaper and metal wool. Carefully cut out parts from casting blocks, Clean them from flash with knife and sandpapaer or metal wool. Reinforce joind s of heavy parts with small pins made from wire put in drilled holes. Glue carefully with superglue or epoxy. Prime subassemblies wirh model primer and paint like other static model kits.

Assembled resin kit