Scale modelling

Modelling is a hobby , focused on history and technics that need some manual skills . There are several types of modeling - cardboard models , plastic and resin models in the shops. There is a growing selection of RC models . Yet another division of this diversity of models is what subject do you build - aviation models , wheeled vehicles , tanks, ships or figuresto scale.

Cardboard models - inexpensive but labor-intensive

Once the most popular models were cardboard . You must prepare yourself plenty of time and patience , as each of the part has to be cut separately and the complex model can have several thousand of them.

Plastic models

Plastic models builds together much easier , allowing to achieve desired results more quickly than cardboard ones. Scale models made from plastic and resin ( which is a bit more difficult ) costs a little more than gluing paper models - average model costs about 20 Euros. To make model insignia and stencils that can be seen on a real vehicle, use model decals . Sometimes they are included in the set, and sometimes you have to buy them separately . For some people, building model is just the beginning of fun - you have to paint it and do weathering ( signs of wear and use.) This will look like a real vehicle

Resin models

In our store, we offer mainly resin kits . They are a subset of plastic models , but are done in short production run , largely by hand. For this reason they are more expensive than plastic , but offer better quality parts. Many aircraft and vehicles is not produced in plastic, and it is in resin models are available such as many Polish construction subject. Resin models are harder to build than plastic , but if you already have some experience with them they would be good for you .

Model figures

Main area of interest in modeling plastic and cardboard models are mostly fighting vehicles . Some modelers do not like to stick to vehicles and choose gluing figures , allowing develop passion to history, especially before the First World War . Figures are also necessary to more attractive dioramas. With these three types of plastic/resin modeling are used basically the same techniques and tools .

RC - remote controlled models

Assembling of plastic and cardboard models associated with long periods of working at a desk. If you do not like to spend time in such a way , try to have fun with RC models . Some people buy finished model and tested it in the backyard , while others devote time to submit it from scratch. In the shops you will find both modeling drones , helicopters and vehicles, as well as accessories to create them. RC Modelers create a community and exchange views on web forums , so you'll always be able to ask someone for advice. There is no greater satisfaction with the first successful flight of our aircraft.