Model decals guide

Plastic Models are designed to the best representation of the actual vehicle , aircraft or figurines . What gives character to this historic subject are all insignia . Tactical numbers, stencils , national emblems and military ranks , they all have a very specific shape, size and color. Hand painting of such marks on the model is indeed possible, but very difficult. Decals are the best solution for making model insignia . In our shop decals are offered as part of kit or separately made by companies: AAD Decals and Adalbertus .

Decals quality

After opening the model box, make sure there are decals inside and check their quality. Check if there is no shift of colors in print . This distorted picture of the signs may spoil appearance model , and should be reported to seller with the claim. Another disadvantage of decals , occurring in older models , are yellowing transparent film on which decals are printed. This can be easily remedied by exposing the sheet to sunlight . Preferably taped to the inside of the window pane , so that the printed surface is exposed to the light from the outside. Should be done carefully in order decals not faded , yellowish color disappears quite quickly in the summer sun , in winter , of course, it will take a little more time.

Applying decals on a model

Careful applying decal on the model is of great importance for the ultimate effect you will achieve during its assembly. The biggest problem while applying decal is so called silvering. It consists in the fact that the air gets below the decal placed on model surface. It creates the effect of light discoloration on the edge of markings , where the ends color marking and begins transparent film on which the decal is printed . This can be prevented by over spraying usually matt surface of model with gloss varnish that smoothes the surface and facilitate adherence decals.

Decaling tools

For applying decals you will need: scissors, tweezers , cotton buds , brush, a piece of newspaper or tissue paper and warm water

Steps of applying a decal

  1. Painting the model with clear glossy varnish and leave to dry Cut of marking from a sheet using scissors.
  2. Leave a small margin around decal film Instantaneous (a few seconds) immerse decals in hot water decals
  3. Postpone decal aside on a piece of tissue or paper to drain the excess water and dissolve the glue. Decals should temporarily roll , and then straighten .
  4. Gently touch the markings with cotton bud or brush , if you can slide it - it can already be applied .
  5. Place decal has to be applied should be gently moisturized to help its move
  6. Slide markings on the right place with brush and revise position.
  7. Gently push on the decal the tissue paper in order to remove air and excess water.
  8. After the glue dries rinse off the glue residue from the model with moistened brush or cotton swab
  9. Overspray model with varnish , matt , semi-matt or gloss to get a uniform surface of decal with the rest of the model