Vehicle Models

Vehicle Models

A paradise for every military enthusiast, and at the same time an extremely valuable hobby that stimulates creativity and inspires to explore history. In this section of our online store, you will find model kits of tanks to assemble - our collection of military vehicles includes both machines present on the fronts of World War II and those that went into production a little later. Discover our proposals and decide which will stay on your shelf longer!

Tank model kits — military vehicles to assembl

Regardless of whether the process of creating your own model of the military vehicle gives you the greatest satisfaction, or whether the final result is the best reward for you - there are plenty of opportunities for joy in our collection. Here you will find model kits of tanks (as well as self-propelled guns and more!) available in various variants in different scales and, therefore, levels of complexity. We offer, for example, 1/35 scale kits, as well as smaller 1/72 scale kits.

Each of our kits has been clearly described, so you can easily choose the one that suits your collection. Each component pack also comes with decals (in some cases, more than one) to help you make your miniature vehicle look like its real-life original. If you want an even more faithful, yet unique, appearance of the machine, be sure to check out our selection of acrylic paints.

Model kits — tank and other military vehicles

Start discovering our proposals and develop your modelling hobby. Be sure also to check out the other categories of our store, and if you have any questions, contact us!