Dispatch of orders 16-20 July 2018 - Update!


After the premiere of the "P-eleven" model kit, shipping of placed orders is quite a challenge for such small company like Arma Hobby! The first shipments took place on Monday 16 July. The second portion comes out on Wednesday and the third on Friday. We hope that by this day we will send all orders placed during the premiere of the model.

  • In anticipation of shipments, we invite you to the blog, where we published a series of articles about the model, the history of P.11c and the colours and markings of aeroplanes included in the model. Ask questions and post comments! link
  • Photos of the built model kit and a short article about the construction can be seen here
  • Models "P-elevens" and "P-sevens" can be bought here

We are very sorry for the delay in dispatching P.11c orders


Thank you for your patient waiting for delivery of new models. We can't wait for this model to reach your hands, we are very interested in your opinions. Unfortunately, this week we didn't receive enough plastic parts from the injection workshop to complete all orders. It was connected with some technical problems that were solved yesterday.

Fortunately, today we received several hundred model sprues. We regret we will not be able to send all of the orders today. We anticipate posting them before Tuesday. We want to compensate you for the waiting time. Every overdue order dispatched next week will receive a free paintbrush brush Arma Hobby No. 2.