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New! Reconnaissance Mustang F-6C Expert Set Preorder

Today we are starting the preorders for the new Mustang model kit - this time in the reconnaissance F-6C version. The expert kit includes plastic parts, a decal sheet with four very attractive markings (3x U.S. and 1x French), excellent kabuki paper masks and a new photo-etched set, enriched with a template for scribing the camera's hatch.

Reconnaissance Mustangs

The reconnaissance Mustang F-6C was a modification of the P-51B/C fighter. Most of the F-6Cs were built at the North American factories in Dallas and differed from the fighters produced there mainly in the openings for installing a camera. Photo equipment was installed at modification centers in Love Field and Kansas City. 230 serial F-6Cs were produced this way. In addition, more than 50 P-51B/C fighters were converted into reconnaissance planes in overseas depots and combat units. The reconnaissance Mustangs performed well both for high-altitude missions with a vertical camera and for low-level tactical reconnaissance using an oblique camera. F-6C Mustangs were used by the US Army and Allied Air Forces in European, Mediterranean, and Far East theatres of operations. Their armament allowed them not only to defend themselves, but also to engage in equal combat with enemy planes, and even to successfully attack ground and naval targets. Although it is hard to believe, Major Edward McComas managed to sink a Japanese destroyer with bombs dropped from his reconnaissance Mustang! The marking of that McComas’ plane is one of the four we have selected for this set!

What’s new in the kit?

The Mustang F-6C model is built from standard Mustang P-51B/C sprues, which on the inner sides of the fuselage halves are provided with special undercuts to cut openings for camera lenses. The transparent sprue includes glazing for these openings. A special, new photo-etched fret is enriched with a template for scribing the camera hatch. The kit includes excellent kabuki paper masks for painting the canopy and wheels, which have recently been available again - after problems related to covid disruptions on communication routes. Very attractive decals include three U.S. and one French painting scheme.


The preorders start today, and the model kit will be available in May. The offer includes deal packages, also with additional plastic frames (so-called overtrees) - check the bottom of the product page in the webstore!

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