Paints for brush


In the times of advanced weathering painting with brush seems an anachronism. Is it a time to say good bye to paintbrush? See what Hataka Hobby thinks about. 

Not only for begginers

Painting with brush isn't just begginer's budget choice. Even airbrush expert always has something to paint with brush. Cockpit details, some markings or larger surfaces that are hard to mask properly. It would be time consuming to mask such areas, where paintbrush work would be finished in few minutes.

Even expert would like to paint with brush larger parts of model kit sometimes. It would be good to try with new series of arcylics from Hataka Hobby - BLUE LINE.

BLUE LINE paints from Hataka Hobby

Paintbrush colors in Hataka Hobby range belongs to BLUE LINE. Color cat. numbers are almost the same as in airbrush colors from RED LINE. Difference in in letter B in BLUE LINE in place of A from RED LINE (A for Airbrush).

Painting with BLUE LINE goes easy. You can get perfect coverage with first layer! It will work perfectly for details as well as for bigger surfaces of model kit.

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