P-51 B/C Mustang™ Sold Out!


The first production run of 70038 P-51 B/C Mustang™ Expert Set has gone in one month after release! It is our best selling kit in the whole company history!

Do not worry; the kit will be available back in this week. You can order it in our shop at now. Following days we will start the second wave of sales and promotion. New kit 70039 P-51C Mustang™ Mk. III Model Kit with RAF marking will be available on preorder shortly. We expect deliveries of new boxing in the third week of February.

  • See all Mustang kits from the Arma Hobby link

There are two essential information

  • First, a bad one is that from 1st February, Arma Hobby model prices will go up 5-10% in both distribution and retail. We had to recalculate inflation and energy costs, unfortunately.
  • Second, a good one is that both Mustang Kits will be available with deal packages with plastic parts (so-called “overtrees”). Offer will be available in the following days for a limited time. Please do not miss it and subscribe to our shop’s newsletter now!

More new kit on the way:

  • F4F-4 Wildcat® Model Kit is availble for delivery now - link.
  • Fokker E.V/D.VIII Expert Set re-release is shifted to February - link.