PZL P.7a Promotion and PZL.23 Karaś Accessories


Today Attack Squadron released PZL 23 Karaś and PZL P.7a accessories. Also special offers for P.7a plastic parts is back! Available are propeller and resin wheels for PZL 23 Karaś and propeller for P.7a.

PZL P.7a plastic parts sale

In following three days PZL P.7a plastic parts and Cartograf  P.7a decals are available. They are available for consumers only.


70005 PZL P.7a - Deluxe Set 1/72


Available on 24th-26th July only

Special product will be also available in deal packages with PZL P.7a Deluxe Set. (Scroll down model page below photos to see deal packages please)



New PZL P.7a and PZL 23/42 accessories sets


ASQ72136 PZL P.7a

ASQ72136 PZL P.7a "Szomański" Propeller!


Resin, single-piece propeller for PZL P.7a plastic kit 1/72 scale (Arma Hobby)

€1.50 *
ASQ72138 PZL 23/42 Karas Wheels!

ASQ72138 PZL 23/42 Karas Wheels!


Resin weighted wheels with upgraded hub details; raised tire Dunlop logo and size description. For IBG 1/72 scale kits....

€3.00 *
ASQ72139 PZL 23/42 Karas Propeller!

ASQ72139 PZL 23/42 Karas Propeller!


Resin propeller for PZL 23 Karas and PZL 42 from IBG in 1/72. Set corrects simplified blade-hub mount.

€1.50 *