Sometimes it happens: missing parts and other kit issues


What if something wrong happens to my model? Broken or ill cast part in the kit box or even worse – I just lost or damaged part during assembly? Keep calm and try Arma Hobby excellent customer care.

Our job is to help you to finish a good model

When problems with model appear Arma Hobby is here to help modeller. When receiving kit, please check its content to be sure everything is OK with parts. Sometimes a bad thing happens; people made mistakes. Always you can return an ordered product, without any question asked, in 14 days after delivered. But we think you would rather like to build kit than let it go. So what when kit issues made your kit hard to build? E.g. missing or broken parts? Please do not hesitate to check our excellent customer care. It needs you to fill blanks on our Support/FAQ website and submit your claim. Missing parts will be sent in a few days (let us some more when a new kit was released, or it is Christmas sale, and we have a lot of orders). You can also order replacement parts when placing the next order in our shop, please write a note in orders remarks.

Worst scenario…

What if I have lost/broken/(…) kit part myself? Do not worry; it will be supplied free for the first time. Just submit a claim on the Support/FAQ website. Next replacements would need postage costs covered by you, but it would be free when combined with your next order.

Helping each other

Our goal in Arma Hobby is to help you to have a good kit built on your shelf. Thinking about your satisfaction, we design modellers friendly, well detailed and easy to build kits. We are here to help you with the paints and accessories available in our shop. We are happy when you enjoyed building kit, and it looks well on your shelf. What we need from you is to inform us immediately about issues. It would be helpful when you give us a few days to process your claim. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • When the kit was incomplete/damaged in shipment we send replacement parts free
  • When you damage/lost parts in assembly – you will receive it free for the first time
  • You only need to fill claim on Support/FAQ website
  • It would be appreciated if you let us send a replacement with next order, but it is not necessary
  • Our errors always turn into customer benefits, please contact us!


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