Epidemic emergency in Poland


An epidemic emergency was introduced in Poland in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic announced by the WHO. Authorities have introduced measures to prevent outbreaks.

At Arma Hobby, we have introduced organizational changes to reduce the potential risk to employees, couriers and clients:

  • limiting unnecessary contacts between people
  • remote work on the design and sales/marketing duties
  • presence at the headquarters only of people necessary to process orders
  • our carriers responsible for delivering parcels introduce appropriate changes

The introduced changes may extend the time of order processing and delay the release of new models.

According to the Polish Health Ministry data, there is no infection possible by contact with items such as models and parcels. The safety of the recipients of our models supports the fact that they are Made in Poland.

It is worth spending time at home and limit social contacts. Building models will make this time more enjoyable. Benefit on online orders link.