TCH72130 Finnish Insignia 1934-45

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    • TCH72130
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    • Type: Aeroplane markings
    • Medium: decal
    • Scale: '1/72
    • Size/volume: 18 x 13 cm
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    Finnish Air Force Markings from 1934 to 1945
    Various sizes.

    TECHMOD Decal 1/72 Scale with Finnish swastikas "Hakaristi" and serial numbers 1934-1944 & 1944-45

    Finnish national insignia, blue swastika, originates from the good luck motif applied on the Thulin type D monoplane of the Swedish count Eric von Rosen. In March 1918 he arrived in Finland and donated his aeroplane to the Finnish 'White' forces. By Gen. Carl G.E. Mannerheim's orders No. 26 of 18 March 1918, von Rosen's emblem was adopted as the national marking for his Army aircraft.
    The eventual shape, size and location of the insignia and serial numbers were defined on 20 March 1934. The colour of the swastika was ultramarine (FS *5123), applied on a white disc.


      A B C D E F G
    White disc diameter (cm) 58 65 72 79 86 94 101
    Serial number height (cm) 20 22,5 25 27,5 30 32,5 35

    Serials of size 30 and 32,5 cm were not commonly used. Colour of serials was black on olive green and light surfaces and olive green on black surfaces. Ju 88 and Do 17 bombers have also white serials painted. Most frequently used serial letters and numbers are included in the set.

    Marking position diagram:

    72130 Techmod decal marking diaghram

    White disks were visible from a long distance. On 23 July 1940 it was ordered that the maximum diameter of the insignia would be 100 cm to make aircraft less visible. The 4/5 rule (see diagram or product photo) was used if the diameter was not exceeding 100 cm.
    By orders of 12 January 1944 the disc colour was changed from white to blue grey. This was applied on new aircraft with a colour similar to the RLM65 (FS *5414). On older airplanes repainted in units this would be just an available grey/blue grey.
    On 1 April 1945 the insignia was changed to white-blue-white roundel under Allied (especially Soviet) pressure.

    Final notes:
    There were exceptions in rules described above. Please check your references for appropriate decal placement and size. Many thanks to Mr Kari Stenman for invaluable assistance in preparation of both sets.

    Warpaint, Suomen Ilamavoimien Historia No23 by Kalevi Keskinen and Kari Stenman, Kari Stenman Publishing, Loviisa 2003. ISBN 951-98751-6-6
    Serial font courtesy Petri Johansson, Copyright © 2005 by Petri Johansson.
    Designed for Techmod by Wojtek Bulhak, 2006.


    Legal note on markings

    Finnish swastika insignia are in fact not insignia of Nazi totalitarian regime. They are unfortunately quite similar to them. Manufacturer of the kit does not support any totalitarian regime, what is also strictly forbidden by law in the territory of the Republic of Poland. Finnish blue swastika insignias are included in kit to provide historical accurancy of markings only.

    In some countries even public exhibition of the finnish insignia may be forbidden by law. Customers from those countries are buying kit on their own resposibility and making purchase they accept to take any legal results of purchase themseves according to following law rules:

    • Ignorantia legis non excusat
    • Volenti non fit iniuria

    Arma Hobby is not resposible for any lawful or unlawful, intentional or unintentional use of this product by consumer or third parties as well as for requisition or damage by authorities.