40007 Hurricane Mk IIb 1/48,

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    • Manufacturer: Arma Hobby
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    • Type: Aeroplane kit
    • Medium: plastic
    • Scale: 1/48
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    Hurricane Mk IIb fighter-bomber 1/48 scale kit, new tool from Arma Hobby.

    Hurricane Mk IIb - plastic kit 1/48 scale,

    The kit includes:

    • Plastic parts (including new sprue for B version)
    • Decals (3 marking variants: RAF, RCAF and PAF)
    • Canopy and wheel masks

    Marking options:

    • Hurricane Mk IIb “Hurribomber”, BE489/AE-Q “Butch the Falcon”, No. 402 Squadron RCAF, Warmwell, February 1942
    • Hurricane Mk IIb Z3171/SW-P “Hyderabad City”, No. 253 Squadron RAF, Hibaldstow, pilot F/SGT. J.C. Tate, winter 1941/42
    • Hurricane Mk IIb, Z3675/WX-B, No. 302 Squadron PAF, Church Stanton, August 1941

    Hawker Hurricane Mk IIb fighter-bomber aeroplane

    Hawker Hurricane Mk.II is a development of the famous fighter designed by Sydney Camm. It was created by installing a more powerful Rolls-Royce Merlin XX engine equipped with a two-stage supercharger in a standard airframe. This solution significantly improved the aircraft's performance. The new version designated Hurricane Mk.IIa, with unchanged armament, was first flown on June 11, 1940, and in August of that year, the first units were put into service with RAF squadrons.

    At that time, the Hawker company was researching improving armament. The thick wing allowed the use of cannons and machine guns in various configurations. Initially, a variant with 12 7.69 mm machine guns in the wings was introduced, under the designation Hurricane Mk IIb. Unfortunately, the small calibre of the weapon did not significantly change the effectiveness of fire, especially against armoured targets. Therefore, these machines were later widely used mainly for bombing under the name "Hurribomber". When the bombs were used, initially one gun was removed above each the bomb rack. Later, bomb racks were designed with a chute for empty casings, which made it possible to retain the full armament.

    Over time, it turned out that the plane loaded with additional weapons, despite a more powerful engine, no longer met the requirements for modern fighters. Together with the cannon-armed Hurricane Mk IIc, these aircraft were used to attack ground targets with gunfire and bombing, among others in Operation "Jubilee" – Dieppe landing. Thanks to installing a tropical filter, the "Trop" version was also created, intended for operations in hot climates. Mk IIb and c aircraft equipped in this way took effective part in combat in Africa and the Far East. A naval version with a hook for landing on aircraft carriers was also created.


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