70007-A3 PZL P.7a - poster

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  • 70007-A3
  • Manufacturer: Arma Hobby
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  • Type: Box-ar poster
  • Medium: digital print
  • Size/volume: 42 x 29.7 cm
  • Remarks: delivery in tube
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  • €9.00

Box-art poster, digital print, artwork by Marcin Górecki


PZL P.7a, 123. Fighter Squadron from Cracow, 1939


Just before the WWII outbreak the 123. Squadron has been attached to the IV/1 Fighter Wing of the Pursuit Brigade. Since 1st September – with two PZL P.11 equipped Squadrons 113. and 114. – operated from Poniatów airfield near Warsaw. Squadron’s deputy commander 2nd Lieutenant Erwin Kawnik, piloting the “white 5”, has participated in the very first Wing’s combat sortie. Shortly before 9 a.m. two Squadrons flying the PZL P.11 were scrambled against the German air-raid. “11s” were joined with three-airplane flight of PZL P.7a, sent in order to test the older fighter’s combat performance. Its pilots were: Erwin Kawnik, Jerzy Czerniak and Stanisław Widlarz. The fighters took part in hectic skirmish North-East of Warsaw against formation of the 5.(K)/LG1 Heinkels 111 H, scoring one confirmed shared victory (Heinkel L1+KN) and one shared damaged Heinkel (L1+HN), which has later been written-off after force-landing with retracted undercarriage in the home airbase.