70045 Hurricane Mk II A/B/C "Eastern Front" Deluxe Set

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    • 70045
    • Manufacturer: Arma Hobby
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    • Type: Aeroplane kit
    • Medium: plastic + 3D prints
    • Scale: 1/72
    • Remarks: DeluxeSet
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    Double model kit with Eastern Front markings and additional 3D printed accessories.

    Hurricane Mk II A/B/C “Eastern Front” Deluxe Set

    Double kit with 3D printed accessories

    Kit includes:

    • Two sets of plastic parts (each of Mk II A/B/C versions).
    • Two sets of 3D printed accessories (armament, exhaust manifold, mirrors, mesh frame for the carburetor inlet).
    • Cab and wheel masks
    • Decal with seven marking variants

    Colour and markings variants:

    Research by: Grzegorz „Bigos” Cieliszak.

    1. Hurricane Mk IIb, BM959/60. Karelian Front Air Force, 609th Fighter Aviation Regiment, USSR, April 1942.
    2. Hurricane Mk IIa, Z2585/42. Karelian Front Air Force, 152nd Fighter Aviation Regiment, USSR, February 1942
    3. Hurricane Mk IIc, KX452/64. Northern Fleet Air Force, 78th Fighter Aviation Regiment, USSR, March 1943
    4. Hurricane Mk IIb, Z5548/48. Soviet Air Force. Unit unknown, probably 26th Fighter Aviation Regiment. USSR, Winter 1941/1942.
    5. Hurricane Mk IIb, Z4017/FU-56. 81 Squadron RAF, Flight B. Operation „Benedict”. Pilot P/O Richard Edward Bush. Vaenga, USSR, October 1941.
    6. Hurricane Mk IIb, Baltic Fleet Air Force, 3rd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment. Pilot: Cpt. G. D. Kostyliev, Sinyavino, USSR, Autumn 1942.
    7. Hurricane Mk IIb, Z5236/GO-31. 134 Squadron RAF. Operation „Benedict”. Vaenga, USSR, October 1941.

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