70063 Sea Hurricane Mk IIc 1/72.

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    • 70063
    • Manufacturer: Arma Hobby
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    • Type: Aeroplane kit
    • Medium: plastic + 3D print
    • Scale: 1/72
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    • Net Price: €22.15 €27.25

    Sea Hurricane IIc plastic kit 1/72 scale with 3D printed accessories

    Sea Hurricane Mk IIc, injected plastic model kit with 3D printed parts, 1/72 scale

    Sea Hurricane IIc Kit includes:

    • Arma Hobby Hurricane Mk.I injected plastic sprues
    • 3D printed set with fuselage bottom, arrestor hook, exhausts , mirrors, 20mm gun barrels
    • Decal with 3 marking options
    • Painting masks for the canopy (kabuki paper)

    Marking options:

    • Sea Hurricane Mk IIc – 825 Squadron, HMS Vindex, early 1944
    • Sea Hurricane Mk IIc - 835 Squadron, HMS Nairana, pilot Sub Lt. A.R. Burgham, June 1944
    • Sea Hurricane Mk X - 804 Squadron, HMS Dasher, operation Torch, late 1942 r

    Sea Hurricane Mk IIc

    In the spring of 1941, deliveries of Hurricane IIc fighters to the RAF began. The Navy was then introducing older Mk I machines, „navalised” as Sea Hurricane Ib. They had weaker engines and 8 machine guns. They lacked power, and the bulk of naval equipment already took away their agility. The cannons were too heavy to be installed. However, the queue for the more powerful Hurricane IIc was long, they were used in the Middle and Far East and sent to the USSR. Only the dramatic course of Operation Pedestal – escort of the Malta convoy in August 1942 - finally convinced the command that the cannon-armed Hurricanes were necessary on aircraft carriers.

    They were first used in combat in Operation Torch - landing in North Africa, where Sea Hurricane IIb, adapted to the IIc standard by installing wings with cannons, were embarked on aircraft carriers. The production Sea Hurricane IIc was equipped with a Navy radio and IFF and the arrestor hook. Catapult spools were not used, so the flaps were not shortened. The wings were not foldable. During service, undercarriage covers were trimmed to prevent them from catching on the arresting cables. Underwing fuel tanks greatly increased the range. Rockets were sometimes used in the fight against U-boats.

    Sea Hurricane IIc operated from escort aircraft carriers, as fighters, and as part of anti-submarine units. The cannons allowed them to effectively attack surfaced U-boats as well as heavy German reconnaissance planes, although they were also effective in defending the aircraft carrier against an attack by the Me-110!


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