72001-3D RS-82 Soviet Rockets 3D-File.

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    • 72001-3D
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    • Type: Aeroplane accessories
    • Medium: 3D file
    • Scale: 1/72
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    3D file for self-printing accessories, consumer license.

    RS-82 rocket missiles with rails for Soviet aircraft

    • File for self-printing on a 3D resin printer, consumer license for non commercial use
    • See the therms and regulations for using files §4a link.
    • How to use file? Scroll down description!

    The product is available in the form of 3D files in STL format. It is a universal format for sharing 3D printable files.

    The files are prepared in three versions:

    1. The object itself (rocket with a rail) is for modellers who want to generate the supports and bases needed for printing on their own.
    2. A single rocket with a rail, supports and base, ready to generate a file for printing in the program you use (slicer)
    3. A set of 6 rockets with rails, supports and a base, ready to generate a file for printing in the program you use (slicer)

    RS-82 rockets

    Although aircraft-launched rocked missiles were widely used in World War I, they were so light and imprecise that they were only useful against balloons and airships, and were quickly replaced by modern incendiary machine gun ammunition.

    More serious tests with rocket armament of aircraft began in the USSR in the late 1920s. This country was undoubtedly a pioneer in their use in aviation. This is how the family of the famous RS-82 and larger RS-132 missiles was created. Their names meant "82mm” and “132mm Rocket Missile". The calibre resulted from the sum of the diameter of typical gunpowder sticks used as solid fuel in a rocket engine and the 5 mm thickness of the projectile walls.

    Combat usage

    Very simple in design and cheap, the rockets were initially used as air-to-air missiles. They were used during the fights against the Japanese over Khalkhin Gol in August and September 1939. Russian publications report that I-16 fighters successfully shot down Japanese planes with rockets, but despite these successes, RS-82 missiles were later used only for attacks on ground targets.

    The next use of RS-82 rockets was in the Soviet-Finnish war, but above all, in the fights after Germany's attack on the USSR in June 1941. Virtually all types of Soviet aircraft were adapted to carry this armament, from Polikarpov fighters (I-15, I-153, I-16), through R-5 and R-Z light bombers, Tupolevs SB, but also MiGs-3, LaGGs-3 , Yaks-1, and even Lend-Lease delivered Hurricanes. However, on the most massive scale, RS-82 and heavier RS-132 missiles were used by Il-2 attack planes - practically until the end of the war.

    The large and diverse RS-82 family of rockets included high-explosive, shrapnel, anti-tank and other missiles. Their effectiveness against tanks was low, mainly due to poor accuracy, but they destroyed larger unarmoured targets effectively, especially when fired in a salvo.

    Missiles from this family, both 82 and 132 mm calibre, have also become widely used weapons of the famous Katyushas - ground-based mobile rocket launchers installed on various car chassis.

    Suitable for following aircraft:

    • I-15, I-153, I-16
    • R-5 i R-Z,
    • Tupolew SB,
    • MiG-3,
    • ŁaGG-3,
    • Jaki-1
    • Hurricane
    • Ił-2

    How to print accessories from the file?

    The product should be printed on a resin printer such as Elegoo Mars 3 or similar from companies such as Anycubics, Phrozen, etc. The minimum resolution needed to obtain a good effect is 4K. The effect will be even better at higher resolutions, such as 8K.

    The file should be processed in a program that prepares files for the printer, the so-called Slicer, appropriate for your printer. In the case of Elegoo Mars 3, it is the ChituBox program.

    Basic printer and software skills are required to print the product.

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