Preorders on Sea Hurricane IIc 1/48


On the occasion of the 1/48 scale Hurricane Mk IIb/c model kit being awarded the Model of the Year 2024 gold medal by the Modell Fan magazine, we are starting the pre-order for a special Hurricane boxing in the naval version.

Sea Hurricane Mk IIc 1/48 model kit

The model kit includes medal-winning Hurricane Mk IIc plastic sprues with 3D-printed resin parts. These include an arrestor hook assembly, a seat with seat belts, exhaust tubes and 20mm gun barrels. The prints directly replace plastic parts and do not require modification to the kit parts (cutting plastic).

The model kit is available for pre-order, and we plan to ship it from March 15.

Medal Promotion

We offer models kits: 40009 Sea Hurricane Mk IIc and 40007 Hurricane Mk IIb with a 10% discount. We have prepared six promotional bundles with the Sea Hurricane and other 1/48 kits. Two-kit bundles with a 20% discount and three-kit ones with a 30% discount. Offer valid until the end of pre-order.

Featured products

40007 Hurricane Mk IIb 1/48,

40007 Hurricane Mk IIb 1/48,

Hurricane Mk IIb fighter-bomber 1/48 scale kit, new tool from Arma Hobby.
40009 Sea Hurricane Mk IIc 1/48.

40009 Sea Hurricane Mk IIc 1/48.

Sea Hurricane Mk IIc aircraft model in 1/48 scale, Arma Hobby sprues.