Discover accessories that will help give your aeroplane or vehicle models an authentic look. Weathering in modelling is a special painting technique that allows you to achieve a more realistic effect on reproductions of real machines. Using appropriate paints and pigments, we will mark them with signs of wear, either from intensive use or from the passage of time. The Arma Hobby store's assortment includes dozens of accessories for weathering models.

Imitation of stains and traces of wear

Pigments, dyes and weathering paints offered by Arma Hobby are proven products that enable many interesting effects. On the subpages of individual modelling accessories, you will find practical advice on their use and application to models. You can use the products both to apply colour to large surfaces and to highlight details. With the help of dyes, you can imitate stains, engine oil stains, rusty deposits, dried dirt and much more.

Types of paints and other weathering products

In modelling, for example, loose pigments, which come in many shades of brown, yellow, orange and green, work perfectly as rust and dirt. Dirt, dust and rust in weathering can also be imitated by using paints applied to the surface with a pipette - a small amount will give a subtle effect, a larger amount will give a cumulative effect. Liquid and powdered products can also be mixed. This way, we will obtain a paste that can resemble dried mud.

Modelling equipment for weathering

The assortment also includes dry sand in various shades, which can be used to create various dioramas. Thinners for acrylic, oil and enamel paints will also be useful for weathering. The equipment should also include a strong remover, which allows you to clean modelling tools after work effectively. The cleaners in our offer also remove dried paints and enamels from steel surfaces. We have many weathering products from the proven Modellers World brand. Try them in your projects too!