Gift Card 500 EUR

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    • Manufacturer: Arma Hobby
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      Delivery time: 1-3 days
    • Type: Gift Card, Shopping Vaucher
    • Medium: eletronic code
    • Remarks: you will receive it by email
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    • Net Price: €500.00 €500.00

    Gift Card, Vaucher to the Arma Hobby webstore

    • Gift Card, Voucher 500 EUR
    • How does the Gift Card work?

      The Gift Card, shopping voucher is a code to be used in the store's basket during shopping, it is delivered electronically, after payment of the order, to the buyer's email address, during the execution of the order by the store's service within the normal order processing time.

      Rules for using the voucher

      • A shopping voucher entitles you to purchase products with a total goods gross value with shipping cost of 500 EUR.
      • The voucher is valid indefinitely for a one-off transaction in the store
      • If you purchase order of value below the voucher's value, the unused amount will be forfeited.
      • In the case of purchase amount exceeding the face value of the voucher, you must pay the difference using the payment systems available at the moment in the store.
      • When buying with a voucher, the current promotions and rebates due to the buyer remain valid.
      • Vouchers are sold to end consumers only

      A great gift for the Modeler

      • An active voucher can be transferred to a person selected by the customer, eg as a gift for the modeler. Christmas present, father's day present, birthday present, etc.
      • The store is not responsible for the transfer of a used voucher to the third party.
      • Unused vouchers can be returned without giving a reason within 30 days of purchase. The refund takes place after deactivating the voucher code by the shop staff.