H2K48031 Douglas A-4B Skyhawk 1/48

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    • H2K48031
    • Manufacturer: Hobby2000
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    • Type: Aeroplane kit
    • Medium: plastic
    • Scale: 1/48
    • Remarks: Hasegawa + cartograf
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    Hasegawa model in Hobby2000 packaging with Cartograf decal and masks

    Hasegawa  1/48 scale plastic model with Cartograf decals and masks

    Markings options:

    • VA-15 Valions BuNo 145013 1966 - CVA-11 USS Intrepid with "Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club" insignia
    • VA-95 Sky Knights BuNo 142897 1968 - USS Shangri-La

    In the 1950s, Douglas Aircraft Company introduced the A-4 Skyhawk, a compact, single-engine attack aircraft tailored for the U.S. Navy. Its small size, powered by a Pratt & Whitney turbojet engine, offered exceptional agility and versatility. Armed with bombs, rockets, and missiles, it excelled in ground attack and close air support roles. From the Vietnam War onwards, its reliability and effectiveness earned it a formidable reputation in military operations. Despite later advancements, the early A-4 Skyhawks remain emblematic of an era defined by simplicity and unwavering performance in combat aviation.

    Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club

    The "Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club" was a nickname used during the Vietnam War for the United States Navy. It was a tongue-in-cheek term coined by sailors stationed in the region, referencing the Gulf of Tonkin where several naval incidents occurred, escalating U.S. involvement in the war. Despite the humorous tone, it reflects the challenging and dangerous nature of naval operations during the conflict.

    Falklands Malvinas

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