H2K72047 A-4E Skyhawk ex-Fujimi!

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    • H2K72047
    • Manufacturer: Hobby2000
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    • Type: Aeroplane kit
    • Medium: plastic
    • Scale: 1/72
    • Remarks: ex-Fujimi
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    Skyhawk plastic kit ex-Fujimi 1/72 scale with Cartograf decals and masks.

    Douglas A-4E Skyhawk 1/72

    Plastic parts Fujimi, Cartograf decals andi masks.

    Markings and colours

    • VMA-311 Tomcats 150091 WL 16 (Lt. Hans Vogelpohl) 1970 - Chu Lai 
    • VA-155 Silver Foxes 150121 NL 510 (Lt.Jg. G.J. Chasko) 1964 - USS Coral Sea

    A-4E Skyhawk Attack Aeroplane

    The A-4E version represents a matured development of the Skyhawk airplane. It underwent major upgrades, including a new Pratt & Whitney J52-P-6A engine with 8,500 lbf (38 kN) of thrust, a strengthened airframe with two additional weapon pylons (for a total of five), and improved avionics featuring TACAN, Doppler navigation radar, radar altimeter, toss-bombing computer, and AJB-3A low-altitude bombing system. Many were later upgraded with the J52-P-8 engine, boasting 9,300 lbf (41 kN) of thrust.

    This aircraft proved its quality in the final stages of the Vietnam War, being utilized by both carrier-borne naval attack squadrons and land-based Marine attack squadrons. While phased out from combat units in the late 1970s, it remained in reserve and training duty. The Skyhawk gained fame as an agile adversary platform when stripped of all attack equipment. It was capable of providing rigorous dogfight training for F-14 Tomcat pilots at the Top Gun US Navy Fighter Weapons School.

    Falklands - Malvinas

    Modelos de la Guerra de las Malvinas 1982

    Modelos de la Guerra de las Malvinas 1982

    La Fuerza Aérea Argentina y la Aviación Naval participaron en una importante campaña por las Malvinas contra las fuerzas del Reino Unido en 1982. Argentina desplegó una gran cantidad de aviones A-4P/Q Skyhawk, IAI Dagger, Mirage y Pucará. Lamentablemente, a menudo hay escasez de modelos de calidad disponibles en los colores de Argentina. Aquí presentamos una selección de varios...