H2K72076 Heinkel He 111 P Outbreak of War 1939 (HASEGAWA + Cartograf + masks)

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    • H2K72076
    • Manufacturer: Hobby2000
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    • Type: Aeroplane kit
    • Medium: plastic + decal
    • Scale: 1/72
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    Hobby 2000 H2K72076 Heinkel He 111-P Outbreak of War 1939 (HASEGAWA + Cartograf + masks)

    H2K72076 Heinkel He 111 P (HASEGAWA + Cartograf + masks)

    Model of the German twin-engine bomber Heinkel He 111-P. Hasegawa sprues in a box in 1/72 scale. Cartograf decals, masks included.

    Two paint schemes:

    • He 111 P, WNr. 2133, G1+CC, Stab II/KG 55, Germany 1939
    • He 111 P, WNr. 1417, 1G+FN, 5./KG 27, Seerappen, East Prussia, Germany September 1939

    Heinkel He-111 P Bomber

    The He 111P featured the upgraded Daimler-Benz DB 601A-1 engine, with a redesigned nose section for improved visibility and aerodynamics. It reached speeds of 475 km/h (295 mph) and carried a full bomb load reducing speed to 300 km/h (190 mph). The P-1 variant, entering service in 1939, had two DB 601Aa engines, self-sealing fuel tanks, and improved radio equipment. The P-2 variant, with stronger armor and additional armament, had a maximum range of 2,100 km (1,300 mi). The P-3 was equipped with the same engines and designed for takeoff with a land catapult. The P-4 variant had varied load capabilities, accommodating external bombs or fuel tanks. The P-5 was mainly used for training and meteorological missions. Production shifted to H versions due to engine priorities for fighter production. The remaining P-6s were repurposed as heavy glider tugs, and the series was terminated in 1940. The P-9 was an export variant for the Hungarian Air Force.

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