HTK-AS01 Polish Air Force paint set of 4

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    Hatake paint - painting model airplanes has never been so easy. Hatake acrylics kits tailored to your needs.

    Camouflage colours used for Polish planes between 1919 and 1939

    Contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based):

    HTK-A003 — Silver (Met) — Used primarily for cockpit interiors, but also for lower surfaces of Polish AF reconnaissance aircraft

    HTK-A010 — Dark Polish Khaki — „Polish Khaki” in dark variant used for upper surfaces of bomber aircraft (including PZL-37 Łoś)

    HTK-A011 — Light Polish Khaki — „Polish Khaki” in light variant used for upper surfaces of fighter and reconnaissance aircraft

    HTK-A036 — Light Blue-Grey — Standard colour of lower surfaces of fighter and bomber aircraft of Polish Air Force