HTK-AS10, USAF Paint Set (European Camouflage) set of 6

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    • HTK-AS10
    • Manufacturer: Hataka Hobby
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    • Type: acrylic colors
    • Size/volume: 6 x 17ml
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    • Net Price: €12.62 €15.52

    Acrylic model paints for an airbrush, Cold War USAF European Colours.

    The set covers standard camouflage colours of USAF planes in 1980s and includes the following 6 paints that would satisfy needs of modelers building aircraft belonging to Tactical Air Command (TAC), Strategic Air Command's (SAC), as well as Military Airlift Command (MAC) and helicopters of USAF:

     HTK-A016 - Dark Green - FS34079, used in "European" camouflage schemes of USAF F-4s and US ANG A-7Ds

     HTK-A056 - European I Green - FS34092, used on TAC aircraft (A-10s, OV-10s, F-16s), MAC aircraft (C-130s, C-141s and C-5s) and USAF helicopters

     HTK-A021 - Medium Green - FS34102, used on aircraft of TAC (A-10s, OV-10s, F-4s, F-16s), MAC (C-130s, C-141s and C-5s) and USAF helicopters

     HTK-A030 - European I Grey - FS36081, used on aircraft of TAC (incl. A-10s, OV-10s, F-4s, F-16s), SAC (B-1Bs and FB-111As) and US ANG A-7Ds

     HTK-A031 - Gunship Grey - FS36118, used on MAC and SAC aircraft, also on USAF helicopters. Used in early "Euro" schemes of A-10s and F-4s

     HTK-A052 - Green Drab - FS34086, used in "European" camouflage scheme of SAC aircraft (B-1Bs and FB-111As)