HTK-AS106 WW2 Italian AFV paint set 6 x 17ml

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    • HTK-AS106
    • Manufacturer: Hataka Hobby
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    • Type: Model paint
    • Medium: acrylic
    • Size/volume: 17ml x 6
    • Remarks: for airbrush use
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    Set of six acrylic model paint shades 17ml, standard colours of Italian military vehicles during WW2

    HTK-AS106 “WW2 Italian AFV paint set”

    The Royal Italian Army entered the WW2 with two basic painting schemes of AFVs - overall Grey-Green (first in dark, later in light version) and overall Red-Brown (Rosso Ruggine or Terracota) used mostly on Ansaldo vehicles. Both were often covered with shapes of green or red-brown. Vehicles sent to Africa were first repainted to Saharian Khaki in field conditions and later (from March 1941) factory painted in that colour. In 1943 more advanced camo schemes were introduced - disruptive shapes of Dark Grey-Green (or Dark Green for Ansaldo) and Red-Brown over Saharian Khaki base (from May 1943), followed by the new "amoeba" scheme of Red-Brown and Dark Sand-Yellow shapes over Dark Grey-Green (or Dark Green) base (final scheme, used from August 1943).

    HTK-AS106 includes standard colours of Italian military vehicles during WW2. The set contains:

    • HTK-A226 – Grigio-Verde Scuro* - Exact match with Grigio-Verde Scuro - base Italian Army colour in 1930s and again after 1943 (with disruptive shapes in various colours)
    • HTK-A170 – Grigio-Verde Chiaro* – Exact match with Grigio-Verde Chiaro - standard base and camouflage colour of the Italian Army (Regio Esercito) vehicles during WW2
    • HTK-A525 – Rosso Ruggine* – Known as Rosso Ruggine or Terracota - base colour of Ansaldo vehicles in 1930s, later used for disruptive shapes on various base colours
    • HTK-A013 – Giallo Sabbia Scuro* – Exact match with Giallo Sabbia Scuro - base colour of some Ansaldo vehicles in 1930s, since August 1943 used in the "amoeba" camo
    • HTK-A056 – Verde Scuro* - Exact match with Verde Scuro - standard camouflage colour of Ansaldo, also used on AFVs returning from Africa and in "amoeba" scheme
    • HTK-A126 – Saharian Khaki* - Exact match with Saharian Khaki - a base colour of the Italian AFVs in the "Africa Orientale Italiana" and later (since May 1943) of all vehicles