HTK-AS24 Warsaw Pact AFV panel lighting set of 6

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    • HTK-AS24
    • Manufacturer: Hataka Hobby
    • Availability: In Stock
    • Type: Model paint
    • Medium: acrylic
    • Size/volume: 6 x 17ml
    • szt.
    • Net Price: €12.62 €15.52

    Color set for  ”color modulation” or „color desaturation” of Warsaw Pact AFVs model kits.

    HTK-AS24 “Warsaw Pact AFV | panel lighting set”

    This set, developed in cooperation with top AFV modelers, marks a beginning of a new series of Hataka Hobby products – a dedicated line of paint sets designed for achieving realistic effects of wear and tear on AFV models via different painting and weathering techniques.

    HTK-AS24 contains 6 paints thoroughly composed for use in panel lighting technique on models of Warsaw Pact AFVs.

    It contains a base colours of HTK-A111 Warsaw Pact Green Base and HTK-A112 Warsaw Pact Green Shadow used to less shaded parts of the model. Depending on the final effect to be achieved the set offers HTK-A113 Warsaw Pact Yellow Green (for moderate fading effect), HTK-A114 Warsaw Pact Torrid Green and HTK-A115 Warsaw Pact Bright Green used to imitate the heavily weathered vehicles. Finally, to enhance the 3D effect, HTK-A116 Warsaw Pact Fresh Green is also included in the box for brush application on raised elements of the model.