HTK-AS28 Falklands Conflict paint set of 8 x 17ml vol. 2

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    • HTK-AS28
    • Manufacturer: Hataka Hobby
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    • Type: Model paint
    • Medium: acrylic
    • Size/volume: 8 x 17ml
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    • Net Price: €16.50 €20.30
    Set of authentic shades to paint models of RAF, FAA , Royal Marines and Army Air Corps in Falkland War 1982

    HTK-AS28 “Falklands Conflict paint set vol. 2”

    For many modelers who begun their adventure with military aviation in scale in 1980s, the Falklands (Malvinas) conflict of 1982 was one of those extraordinary topics – a real conflict in cold war world. Although it was soon superseded by pictures and stories from Operation Desert Storm and the next conflicts in the Persian Gulf area, it is still well remembered and often becomes a topic of brilliant airplane models. For those, who would like to try their skills modeling Argentinean or British planes of that time, Hataka Hobby prepared a series of original paint sets.

    HTK-AS28 contains a careful selection of colours required for modeling of British planes of 1982, including detachments of RAF, Fleet Air Arm (FAA), Royal Marines and Army Air Corps. The set contains:

    • HTK-A140 – BS Extra Dark Sea Grey – BS381C:640, overall colour of FAA's Sea Harrier FRS.1s (800 NAS – HMS Hermes, 801 NAS – HMS Invincible)
    • HTK-A141 – BS Medium Sea Grey – BS381C:637, used for upper surfaces of Sea Harrier FRS.1s (809 NAS). Also in upper camo of RAF Avro Vulcan B.2s
    • HTK-A142 – Camouflage (Barley) Grey – BS381C:626, used on underside wing and tailplanes of Sea Harrier FRS.1s (809 NAS, HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible)
    • HTK-A143 – BS Dark Green – BS381C:641, used in wraparound scheme of RAF Harrier GR.3s and on upper sides of Avro Vulcan B.2s and Chinook HC.1
    • HTK-A144 – BS Dark Sea Grey – BS381C:638, used for lower surfaces of RAF Avro Vulcan B.2s and in upper camo of RAF Harrier GR.3s and Chinook HC.1
    • HTK-A145 – RAF Blue-Grey – BS381C:633, overall colour of FAA's Sea King HAS.5, Sea King HAS.2 and Wasp HAS.1 anti-submarine helicopters
    • HTK-A146 – BS Olive Drab – BS381C:298, overall colour of FAA's Sea King HC.4s and Wessex HU.5s. Also in camo of 3rd Commando helicopters
    • HTK-A125 – NATO Black – Used for lower surfaces of RAF Chinook HC.1. Also in green-black camo of 3rd Commando Gazelle and Scout helicopters